Coliseum of Comics Buys the
Largest Collection In Our History

(And why you won’t see Adventure Comics #247 at the Debut Event)


Roy Brown, a long-time friend and customer of Coliseum of Comics passed away in 2018. After collecting for 50 years, the collection had become what nearly every collector envies as runs of many key titles were completed. Many runs of Marvel titles found their way back to #1 and many of the DC titles dipped into the Golden Age. There are many books that I’ve never seen before as they’re that scarce. The other major joy of this collection is that the collector was primarily a Marvel and DC collector, though he collected only a single issue of each book. The doubles in this 40,000+ book collection number in the single digits so it’s extremely diverse and complete.

We’ll be posting lists of the titles as we get closer to the…

Roy Brown Collection Debut Event

We’ll be hosting the event in the Kissimmee store, which is about the only location that can house such an event. The store will be open from 11:00 until 6:00 and we’ll have everything there. Bring Back Issue Bucks & Coliseum Stamp Cards and prepare to fill in that gap you’ve been dying to fill.

Wonder Woman
Fantastic Four
Iron Man

And just about every other character will be heavily represented.

We have had many (okay, not many — a crazy amount) of our back issue collectors begging to see the collection. I could have sold some very key pieces for some very nice prices but when we bought the collection, we decided that we wanted to present it as a whole rather than eek it out as we got to them. So we’ve said no to everyone. Everyone. It’s not just you! We love the back issue community and love that you’ve made Coliseum your back issue haven, but please bear with us and check it out on June 23rd.

That said, one book has been removed from the collection…

The first comic that “spoke to me” was a copy of Adventure Comics featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes. I thought it was cool that they weren’t all massively powered and the sci-fi angle sucked me in. In 1979 I carried around a dogeared copy of the Overstreet Price Guide. I memorized the prices in every grade on all key books with far more enthusiasm than I memorized the French book I also carried around. Today I am fluent in comics, not French. In that guide, Adventure Comics #247, the first appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes, listed at the high price of $105 in NM. For reference, Fantastic Four #1 (we have one of those!) listed for $400. There were fewer used grades in those days and the prices fell in 4-2-1 ranges for NM-F-G condition. I searched for a copy of Adventure #247 but alas, the only copy I could find was from a guy half-a-continent away and he was asking $500 (!!!) for a NM copy – nearly 5X guide!

As I wasn’t going to pay 5X guide, I didn’t buy the book. I found a very poor copy some years later but as it was in decay, I traded it away, figuring I’d find another copy. I never did though I’m reticent to do mail order or auctions as you never quite know what you’re getting. Was that $500 copy really NM? I’ll never know.

So when this collection came in, it had a mostly complete run of Adventure Comics from 200 up plus many from earlier. #247 sat there in the run. It’s not NM but it’s far better than the previous copy from 30+ years ago. It’s been my Holy Grail and this time I’m hanging onto it.

I hope you enjoy this collection and finding that book you’ve always wanted like I did with this copy of Adventure #247.

I look forward to seeing you on June 23rd!