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Collectible statues, figures, and busts are meant to decorate your home. They’re tokens of love to the comics, shows, and games that statue collectors most enjoy. They’re centerpieces on your shelf, they’re desk pieces in your office, or they’re just anywhere in your home. Collectible statues also make great gifts for friends and family who are big fans of specific characters and media franchises. 

Looking for collectible statues from your favorite comic or movie? Stop your searching! Coliseum of Comics has the ability to order the most detailed and dynamic collectible statues from one of the most highly regarded statue companies in the business Sideshow. Statue collectors can find the collectibles of their dreams at Coliseum.

Coliseum of Comics offers a reserve period, giving statue collectors a chance to get collectible statues and figures offered by Sideshow before they’re on the store shelves. From the time the item is solicited, customers have 30-days to put their name down. When the statue arrives at the store of your choosing, your store will give you a call to come to pick and pay for the collectible statues and figures.* 


The pre-order price offer ends after the 30-day initial order window.

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