3 Comics to Read for Those Who Love High Fantasy

With the recent release of The Wheel of Time and the recently released second season of The Witcher, high fantasy fans are rejoicing. But, seasons are short. And, you probably want some other type of fantasy media to fill that hole in your heart when you’re finished binge-watching. High fantasy fans who are also comic lovers don’t have to look too far! There are plenty of comics that focus on fantasy but here are a few must-haves for those who adore high fantasy. 

Image via DC Comics

Seven to Eternity

The first arc of Seven to Eternity was published back in 2017. Centering on Adam Osidis, Seven to Eternity tells the story of a dying man seeking redemption with the dark, fantastical kingdom of Zhal as the backdrop. Zhal is trapped in an omniscient and constant state of paranoia as the God of Whispers reigns with his agents spread across the land. Adam Osidis and his family live far from the reaches of this evil God. That is until a ragtag band of magic users recruits him to do the impossible: free Zhal from the clutches of the God of Whispers. Dying and looking for redemption for himself and his disgraced house, Adam must constantly choose between what he should do and what he wants. 

Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opena, Seven to Eternity is a beautifully crafted piece of work. It plays on some classic archetypes and breathes something unique into the genre of fantasy. The full story spans seventeen issues and is collected into four volumes, making it a great option for readers looking for fantasy comics that want something completed but not too short. 


High fantasy meets heist when a group of unsavory criminals is brought together to stop a darkness that’s building within the continent of Madaras. The sword and sorcery suicide squad that’s assembled consists of the worst of the worst: a serial killer, a skin eater, a turncoat, a sorcerer, his bodyguard, and someone simply known as the Devil’s Son. Hell’s Half Dozen traveling across the untamed lands of Madaras proves to be difficult, with many of their problems coming from within their own group. Group dynamics are hard when you all want to kill each other.

Image via Image Comics

Writer Justin Jordan and artist Rebekah Isaacs do a wonderful job of creating a self-contained story with Reaver that also builds a clear high fantasy world.  The Image comic series wrapped up its second arc with issue #11. You can read the collected story so far in volumes 1 and 2. 

The Last God 

The creation of The Last God was truly something unique from one of comics’ biggest publishers. The story follows two groups of heroes separated by time. The first fellowship traveled across reality and time to kill the last god thirty years prior. They freed the world from an incoming army of the dead. Now, these armies of the last god are marching again across the lands of Cain Anuun. A new group must form to save the world yet again. The rich world-building is accompanied by amazing artwork reminiscent of classic works associated with high fantasy media. 

Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Riccardo Federici work with DC Black Label to create something truly special for high fantasy lovers. The 12-issue series, its one-shot, and its 5e-compatible sourcebook are collected into one hardcover volume that’s worthy of a spot on your bookshelf. 

Get Your Fantasy Fill

There are many other comic series that fit within the fantasy genre and many more to come. Whether you’re looking for high fantasy or low fantasy, dark or light-hearted, or anything in between, there’s a comic for you. If you’re looking for more beyond this list, ask the team members at your local Coliseum of Comics what their favorite fantasy comic is.