Created by Coliseum of Comics Fashion Square’s Aaron Holland!

Meeple Towers is a strategic and abstract tower-building game. Players take turns playing action cards that let you add workers, supports, or new tiles to create a growing multi-level 3D structure. You score points based on your contributions, your supporting structures, and how good you make life for your meeples. The builder with the most points wins!

This colorful game displays a unique table presence as a different tower rises each time you play! Multi-dimensional gameplay unfolds as you get more points spreading out for wider tiles, or building straight upwards to place your meeples on the tallest tower.


Contents include:

3 Two-part double-sided property boards
21 Level tiles
18 Bonus-point tokens
64 Hefty wooden supports
44 Cards
32 Worker meeples
4 Score markers
1 Start-player token
1 Score track
1 Rulebook
Sideshow - The Child
This item is expected to arrive in JULY 2020.
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