“Step By Bloody Step #1” Tells an Immersive Story with No Words 


A core motif in any medium of fantasy is the journey. This adventure often leads to some sort of self-realization and really explores the relationships of those traveling together. Image’s recently solicited comic Step By Bloody Step seeks to emphasize this journey by showing it only through the lens of art. The textless series features colorful displays of landscapes, monsters, and people as a child and the armored giant travel through the world with not a word shared between them. 

Image via Image Comics

The story begins with the child and their protector, who looks very reminiscent of Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, trekking through a blizzard. The child sleeps soundly in the palm of this mysterious armored figure as they continue forward unaffected by the cold. They venture forward into astonishing environments without a word of dialogue shared among them or a bit of exposition shared. They do encounter bandits and beasts, and they stumble upon civilizations that are taken aback by their appearance. Whatever force propels them forward and keeps them together is unknown but makes for a compelling read.

Images via Image Comics

This four-issue, double-sized fantasy opus was crafted by Si Spurrier, Matias Bergara, and Matheus Lopes. Si Spurrier, known for his work on X-Men, and Matias Bergara, both previous Eisner nominees, worked as a creative team on Coda and the most recent run of Hellblazer. Paired with the distinctive coloring of Matheus Lopes, whose work can be seen in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, they really breathe life into the story. Those who are fans of any of their previous work will surely enjoy this bittersweet fantasy. Those who enjoy Studio Ghibili films and the movie The Iron Giant will also find kindred art and story tones. 

Creating a comic without words is an ambitious task but not unheard of. Lack of text in a medium that relies heavily on words can discourage some readers. However, Step by Bloody Step #1 has enough action and intrigue surrounding the visual story that there is really no need for text at all. The creators do a great job illustrating the armored giant’s want to protect the nameless child and the child’s curiosity and confusion with the things going on around them. 

Image Comics is bringing this miniseries to readers in partnership with Éditions Dupuis. Éditions Dupuis is a French publisher of comic magazines and albums. The series is slated for release in their market in July 2022 under the name Saison de Sang (Blood Season). For those in the United States looking to pick up the first issue, they can find it in comic shops Febuary 23rd, 2022. Stop in at your local Coliseum of Comics to pre-order and ensure that you get your hands on a copy the Wednesday it releases!